Zircon flour

zircon flour

Zircon flour is manufactured by milling zircon sand, usually in ball mills, either in the dry state or in a slurry.

Other names: Zirconium Silicate, Powdered Zircon
CAS number: 14940-68-2
Formula: Zr [SiO4]
Harmonize Commodity Code 2615100000


Physical description and properties:

Appearance: Light grey odorless powder.

Melting point:2200 °С
Specific Gravity:4500 – 4650 kg/m3
Bulk density:2480 kg/m3
Particle size:40 – 60 mkm
Solubility in Water:Insoluble


MineralsContents, %
Zircon:98 – 99%
Rutile/ Ilmenite:0,1 – 0,3%
Quartz:0,05 – 0,2

Storage: in closed containers or bags, protect from physical damage.
Terms of storage unlimited.

Sieve Aperture (microns)Cumulative retained, %Sieve Aperture (microns)Cumulative retained, %
+ 633 max+ 452 max
+ 4010 max+ 306 max
+ 2025 max+ 2010 max
+ 560 max+ 540 max

On a basis of the customer’s orderproduct can be done with 325 mesh particle size min 95 %

Note: We are ready to consider the possibility of supplies of improved quality concentrate as well as with different requirements for granulometric composition.

End use: Row material for steelmaking, refractories, glassmaking, traditional ceramics, zirconia manufacture, zirconium manufacture, enamel, glass additive and foundry uses.


  • 50 kg bags;
  • Soft containers (big bag) 1 t net.

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