Staurolite concentrate

staurolite concentrateOther names:  Staurolite sand, Staurolite, Staurolite concentrate

CAS number: 12181-56-8

Formula: Fe,AL,SiO4 O7 (ОН)

Harmonize Commodity Code 2617900000



Chemical analysis

AL2O2+TiO2 min 45,5 49
SiO, max 29 27
Th+U max 70 ppm
Moisture, max 0,5 0,2

Physical description and properties:

Appearance: Brown to black free running sand.
Grain shape: irregular angle.
Grain color: yellow (different tints), black.

Specific Gravity: 3600 – 3750 kg/m3
Bulk density: 1980-2040 kg/m3
Grain size: 63 • 200 mkm
Flammable: Nonflammable
Solubility in Water: Insoluble
Angle of friction: 32°
Hardness: 7-7,5


Minerals Contents, %
Staurolite: 81-86
Kyanite-sillimanite: 0,5-1,5
Ilmenite: 5-7
Zircon: 1-1,5
Turmaline: 7-10
Quartz: 0,1-0,5

Storage: in closed containers or bags, protect from physical damage.
Terms of storage unlimited.

Sieve Aperture (microns) Cumulative retained, %
+200 5
+160 45
+100 93
+63 99

Note: We are ready to consider the possibility of staurolite briquette supplies (made by pressing of the staurolite concentrate and clay).

End use Additive for slag fluidifying in open-hearth furnances.


  • Bulk in railway cars or vessel holds;
  • 50 kg bags;
  • Soft containers (big bag) 1 t net.

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