We offer a broad range of Oleochemicals of different carbon chains and fractions from C6 to Cl 8. These are the Fatty Acids (Caproic, Caprylic/Capric, Laurie, Myristic, Palmitic, Stearic, Oleic, DCFA, DSFA), Fatty Alcohols (C8C10, Cl 2, Cl 2C14, Cetyl, Cetyl-Stearyl, Stearyl), Methyl Esters (C8C10,
Cl 2C18, CME, PME, SME), Glycerines (Crude and Refined). Applications of our oleochemicals go to thousands of applications like surfactants and detergents, personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paint, ink, lubricants, plastics.

If you are unable to locate a Chemical or Mineral  you need, our sales department can custom source any needed materials for you directly.