Powder metal and metal alloy materials

Powder metal and metal alloy materialsBARITEWORLD.COM / DIVISION OF ROCKLEIGH INDUSTRIES INC. , offers a complete line of Powder metal and metal alloy materials for many industries application, such as thermal spray (FS, HVOF, APS), hard facing (PTA, laser cladding, TIG, etc.), powder metallurgy (PM, MIM, 3D printing.), welding consumables (Electrode rod, flux-core wire etc.), Conductive Materials (EMI, EMC, etc.), and other industrial applications in our portfolios of metallic and ceramic materials.

Coating materials

Welding consumable materials

Additive Manufacturing (3D) printing

  • Nickel/Cobalt Alloy
  • Iron based alloy
  • Titanium and Alloy
  • Aluminium based Alloy

HP Photoelectric & Semiconductor

  • Antimony, Indium, Tin, Germani
  • Bismuth, Zinc, Cadmium, Seleni
  • Sulfur & Sulfur Compounds
  • Tellurium & Tellurium Compound

Powder Metallurgy

Battery Material

  • Lithium products
  • Three element precursor
  • Liquid Vanadium Electrolyte

HDH Titanium&Alloy powder

  • CPTi / TiH / Ti6Al4V

Conductive Materials

  • Ag / AgCu
  • Copper

Ceramic Powder

  • Carbide
  • Nitrides
  • Compound
  • Others

If you are unable to locate a Chemical or Mineral  you need, our sales department can custom source any needed materials for you directly.