Sodium bentonite

sodium bentonite1. Sodium bentonite advantage:
1) good paper filler
2) good casting sand
3) cementing agent

2. Sodium bentonite detailed description and usage:
1) In mechanical casting industry, sodium bentonite can use as the casting molding sand, the cementing agent. And also use to overcome the phenomenon like “smuggles the sand” “the skin” in casting, to reduce cast defective products. To ensure the precision and finish of the casting
2) In the paper industry, sodium bentonite serves as the paper auxiliaries, strengthens the paper radiance
3) Using strong bonding properties, sodium bentonite uses in the white emulsion, the floor rubber, the starch and other manufactures.
4) For the stability of the suspension sex, thickening sex, sodium bentonite can effectively float “scattered powder” can do the thickening, prevent precipitation additives of water-borne coatings
5) At the same time use of its good dispersion and expansile, high build mud rate, low water loss and colloid performance and shear dilution ability, sodium bentonite can be used as a drilling mud sodium bentonite.

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