Bentonite for metallurgy pellet

Bentonite for Metallurgy PelletDescription Bentonite for Metallurgy Pellet:
1. Bentonite for Metallurgy Pellet Character:
1) white or light yellow powder,
2) does not dissolve in water, oil and organic solvent, non-toxic,
3) good thermal stability
4) very strong adsorption capacity

2. Bentonite for Metallurgy Pellet Application:
1) The bentonite binder use in metallurgy pellet binder for iron ore pellet, can be used in a variety of fine iron ore sand bond pellets. The product can obviously increase raw pellet strength and ruptures temperature to expand roasting area, the permeability of raw material layer is good, and improved pellet quality, reduce cost, can obviously increase the economic efficiency of Iron and steel enterprises. Has the additive amount is few, drop strength high, compressive strength high, anti-to rupture and so on merits.
2) Today bentonite for Metallurgy pellet is the essential raw materials when iron fine powder nodulizing.
3) Sodium bentonite as binder, has iron fine powder into a ball group rate, drop the number of times, compressive strength, rupture temperature etc. other indexs are much higher than ordinary. Especially it reduce immensely return mine rate.

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