Organic bentonite clay

organic bentonite clay


1) Super suspending, thickening and thixotropic property
2) Increase secondary shear viscosity
3) Build thixotropy colloid
4) Control sagging or levelling
5)Prevent sedimentation


Organic bentonite is a kind of organic ammonium compound,raw material is bentonite. By using montmorillonit’s lamellar structure, characteristics of swelling disperse into colloid clay particle in water or organic solvents, it is made from the ion exchange technology and add organic coating agent . Organic bentonite can form gel in all kinds of organic solvent, oil, liquid resin,and has good thickening property, thixotropy, suspension stability, Film-forming propertyhigh temperature stability, lubricity, film-forming property, water resistance and chemical stability,has an important application value in the paint industry also has a wide range of application in the paint and ink, aviation, metallurgy, chemical fiber, petroleum and other industries


Used for low,medium and high-polarity solvent system of the aliphatic, alkyl, aromatic hydrocarbon, or the mixture solvent with the aromatic hydrocarbon and the vinegar, ketone, ester, aether, alcohol, etc. and lubricating grease.

Used in adhesive,phenolic aldehyde,putty ash binder, acrylic painting, cast painting ,chlorinated rubber paint,ink (mineral oil), powder coating, asphalt primer, marine paint, antiseptic paint, etc.
Property similar to the Inernational grade: bentonite 27/34/38/57/1000, bentonite-SD2, claytone-MP250, claytone-40 etc.

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