Graphene Fabric and Textile

We provide an innovative textile technology for heating solutions, opening segments, ensuring quality and customer adaptation.

You can send us you fabric, Garment or materials to Graphene coat it. Not only fabric but also Stretch / Spandex / Lycra etc.


Graphene Fabric and Textile

There is no existing material available in the market as the metal-free lightweight heater based on electrically conductive textile developed by Rockleigh Industries Inc.. Using as tiny as only 2-4 g/m2 of graphene, the fibrous textile materials are turned into the conductive surface, preserving the flexibility and porosity, keeping the textile very lightweight yet. The flexibility and the lightweight allow manufactures to apply this heating solution in several areas, especially where these two characteristics are extremely important.

Today the production of the heating textile at Rockleigh Industries Inc. is adaptable according to the needs of the customer in terms of size, resistance, maximum temperature and power consumption. Production is running in a scalable innovative manner, which preserves the functionality of the heating textile and keeps the high-standard quality. The method developed by Rockleigh Industries Inc. maximizes the uniformity of the material and therefore the uniformity of heating, unifies its functional properties and enables higher value to the product. 

The materials for Electrically Conductive Fabric.

Product Data Sheets: Polyester GWNP-70-500  |   Polyester GWS-90-300   |   Textile Heaters Spec Sheet