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Olivine Sand

Olivine is a valuable raw material for use in Foundries as Foundry sand for mould construction in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting.
Foundry sand from Olivine has an uniform low thermal expansion (0,8% at 1300 ˚C) resulting in better casting accuracy and smoother surface. Its high heat absorption and conductivity, along with its grain shape which leads to optimal porosity, help degasing during casting. Olivine is compatible with non-organic binders such as Betonite, demands small quantity of water and is suitable for use in alkaline resin bonded system.

Olivine Low Expansion Foundry Sand produces castings with closer dimensional control, better casting accuracy and smoother surface finish. These results are achievable due to Olivine’s unique combination of low uniform thermal expansion and high heat absorption.

Olivine improves the activation of Bentonite clay in green sand systems to maximize bond performance and efficiently produces chemically bonded cores, mold and shell sands with compatible resin systems.

Produced from high purity ore, Olivine grades are used for the most demanding aluminum casting application. Their rapid heat dissipation reduced the resonance of molten aluminum against the sand mold to promote the development of finer metallic grain structures for smoother cast finish.

Olivine’s low rate of thermal expansion greatly reduces the incidence of grain movement or fracture to virtually eliminate wall movement or centerline shrinkage in both ferrous and non-ferrous castings. Reduced burn-in penetration defects and lower cleaning costs are achieved with Olivine whether used alone or blended with silica sands in lost foam applications.

Olivine’s high fusion point and basic reaction chemistry also makes it a natural for the casting of basic alloys.

Olivine sand is mined, processed and sized with rigid adherence to quality assurance programs. Consistent grain fineness and chemistries help guarantee the repeatable results necessary to achieve optimal mold and core performance.

Particle size analysis is available upon request.

Olivine sand characteristics:

Bulk Density 90-109 lb/ft³
Thermal expansion 0.83% @ 700° Celsius
Heat absorption 0.431 cal/cm° @ 800° Celsius
Fusion pint 2800-3200° Fahrenheit

Olivine sand PACKAGING:

  • 50 lb paper bags
  • 3000 lb Super Sacs
  • Bulk (blower truck or rail hopper cars)

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