Milori blue

Milori Blue

Milori blue, Prussian blue, Pigment blue 27, PARIS BLUE, Chinese blue, Iron blue

Milori Blue (Prussian Blue)

Milori  blue is a dark blue powder pigment.It is Insoluble in water,ethanoland  ether,but soluble in alkali.Whose light in the dark blue is light blue and have  bright color. Silt is relatively hard,and it have good light resistance,no  bleeding.whose price is cheap,it cannot be used in water-based.

Molecular Formula: C6Fe2KN6

Product Name: pigment Blue 27
Trade Name: Milori blue
C.I. Number: 77520
CAS Number: 12240-15-2
Chemical Family: inorganic pigment

Quanlity Standard

Item Standard MB09-02 (test result) MB09-03 (test result)
Color light Similar Similar(copper light) Similar(blue light)

The tining strength


≥95 100 100

Water soluble matter


≤1 0.91 0.9

Oil absorption


≤48 48 44
PH ≥5 5.2 5.3

Degree of dispersion

um/30 min

≤20 20 19

Degree of fluidity

m/15 min.

43±3 44 46



≤4 3.8 3.7

Residue after 60mesh

60       %

≤5 4.6 4.7

Heavy metals


≤0.005 0.004 0.0035
Main application Ink Paint,carbon paper

Miler Blue 1Application: paint, printing ink, carbon papers etc.

Packing: 25kg complex bag.

One 20’ container can load 11MT if without pallet, or 10MT if with pallet.

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