Micaceous iron oxide

Micaceous iron oxide

Micaceous iron oxide the final product comes in different forms with the same mineralogical composition but with a different grain composition.

Micaceous iron oxide Micaceous iron oxide

Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO)

Micaceous Iron Oxide MIO


A naturally occurring lamellar form of ferrous oxide for use in manufacturing paint coatings.

When viewed under an optical microscope by transmitted light, magnification X 200, the thin flake micaceous iron oxide particles appear as sharply defined red translucent platelets.

Without doubt, it is the most important barrier pigment used in coatings to protect structural  steelwork from corrosion. It has a 100 year record of successful use on many types of steel structures throughout the world.

It forms overlapping plates like mail armor. It reflects ultaviolet light, allows water vapor to escape from the substrate, and is chemically resistant.

Chemical Name: Micaceous iron oxide

Chemical Formula: Crystalline Fe203


Micaceous hematite, Natural lamellar hematite, Specular iron oxide, MIO, Micaceous iron oxide, Natural specular hematite ore,

Chemical Properties

Iron content (expressed as Fe203 according. to ISO 1248)= > 85%

Physical Properties

a) Lamellar content= > 70%
b) Standard granulation: 63 microns and finer

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