Our Leonardite contain among the highest levels of humic acid available. The dry product line, Source is available in three grades. Dry products are sold in 45- 50 pound bags and metric or US ton bags. Available in bulk.

BWL-N45Raw LeonarditeUp to 45%3” and Smaller
BWL-C40Crushed Raw LeonarditeUp to 40%2” and Fines
BWL-C32Dried Screened Leonardite24-32%1/4” to 11 Mesh
BWL-E2611 Mesh Leonardite21-26%99% passes 11 Mesh
BWL-F12Fine Mesh4-12%62% passes 200 Mesh


leonardite-2 leonardite-1 leonardite





BWL-C40US or MT bag50 50lb bags on a pallet
BWL-E26US or MT bag50 50lb bags on a pallet
BWL-F12Two 1/2 MT bags50 45lb bags on a pallet

Truckload quantities: 22 US tons or 20 Metric tonnes. Bulk Trucks hold 25-28 US tons.

20 Metric tonnes fit in a 40 foot container.

The liquid Leonardite products, are available in 2.5, 55 and 275 gallon containers.

Typical Data — Random Sample

Humic Acid*60.92%
Total Carbon (C)37.06%
C/N Ratio52.9/1
pH Environmental3.2


Element/ChemicalDry BasisAs Received
Calcium (Ca)1.43%18.2 lbs/ton
Magnesium (Mg)0.80%10.2 lbs/ton
Sodium (Na)0.12%1.5 lbs/ton
Nitrogen (N)1.10%14 lbs/ton
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4NO3)0.06%0.8 lbs/ton
Organic Nitrogen (N)1.02%13 lbs/ton
Sulfur (S)1.01%12.8 lbs/ton
Iron (Fe)16,125 ppm20.5 lbs/ton
Manganese (Mn)382 ppm0.5 lbs/ton
Zinc (Zn)31.4 ppm0 lbs/ton

Testing conducted by Midwest Laboratories, Omaha NE, August 2009

*Calif 4A 4/JC


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