Guanidine carbonate

Appearance: White crystal powder
Cas no.: 593-85-1
Content: 99% min
Packing: 25kgs per bag

As a strong chemical base, guanidine carbonate is used as an intermediary in a broad range of application fields, including:

  • Chemicals
    • production of guanidine nitrate
    • flame retardant in technical textiles
  • Cosmetics – hair relaxer that straightens hair by chemically uncurling it
  • Detergents – synergistic agent
  • Pharmaceuticals – antibiotics
  • Microencapsulation process – for carbonless paper

Guanidine Carbonate is an alkaline, organic salt utilized primarily as an ingredient in hair straightening and depilatory systems. When combined with calcium hydroxide in (no-lye) hair relaxers it reacts to form a less irritating system than sodium hydroxide-based (lye) systems. It also is used as a buffering agent and a pH adjuster.

Guanidine Carbonate supplied by BariteWorld has a minimum purity of 99.0 percent.

Quality Index:
Quality IndexMedicine GradeMedicine Grade Industrial Grade
AppearanceWhite crystal powderWhite crystal powderWhite crystal powder
Content %≥999998
Ammonium Salt %≤0.300.300.40
Insoluble in Water %≤
Moisture %≤0.200.300.30
Ash Content %≤
Melting Point197197197
Relative Density d2041.251.251.25
4% Water-Solution pH Value 2511.20± 0.211.20± 0.211.20± 0.5
Heavy Metal Germanium PPM≤5
Heavy Metal Potassium PPM≤


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