"Our new Dolomite quarry dolomine in Quebec, Canada Production of small aggregates and powders will begin in a few months. The dolomite is very low in SiO2. The proven reserves are 700 000 000 mt. As you know, dolomite is used in the steel industry, soil ph control in agriculture, refractory, water decontamination (rivers and lakes).

Maritime port access is easily accessible.

The packaging will be bulk bags, super bags fibs and small bags according to the client needs, also cu.

We are now taking orders and/or letters of intention for the purchase of such dolomite aggregates and powders. Prices will depend on volume and size.

Also, we are open to long term agreement and strategic alliances.

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Here are our dolomite specifications
– CaO = 30,29% + (corresponds to 54,06% CaCO3 or 21,65% Ca )
– MgO = 20,27 + (44,61% MgCO3 or 12,23% Mg)
– SiO2 = 1,008% — 0,47% Si
– Al2O3=0,30% —0,16% Al
– Na2O= 0,2% —0,20 Na
– K2O=0,10% — 0,10%K
– FeO=0,32% — 0,25% Fe
– MnO=0,05% — 0,038% Mn
– P2O5=0,06% — 0,026% P
– TiO2=0,04%
– S=0,04%
– LOI = 46,97% — TOTAL 99,72%

Dolomite properties

The mineral dolomite crystallizes in the trigonal-rhombohedral system. It forms white, tan, gray, or pink crystals. Dolomite is a double carbonate, having an alternating structural arrangement of calcium and magnesium ions. It does not rapidly dissolve or effervesce (fizz) in dilute hydrochloric acid as calcite does. Crystal twinning is common.

Solid solution exists between dolomite, the iron-dominant ankerite and the manganese-dominant kutnohorite. Small amounts of iron in the structure give the crystals a yellow to brown tint. Manganese substitutes in the structure also up to about three percent MnO. A high manganese content gives the crystals a rosy pink color. Lead, zinc, and cobalt also substitute in the structure for magnesium. The mineral dolomite is closely related to huntite Mg3Ca(CO3)4.

Because dolomite can be dissolved by slightly acidic water, areas of dolomite are important as aquifers and contribute to karst terrain formation.

If you are unable to locate a Chemical or Mineral  you need, our sales department can custom source any needed materials for you directly