Cenospheres are Light Weight functional fillers,
Cenospheres: | Reduced weight | Sphericity |Sound attenuation | Thermal reflectivity | Strength (internal structure)

Hollow silica-alumina cenospheres or microspheres  are pond harvested from fly ashes formed at coal burning power stations. The properties of microspheres recovered from fly ashes are similar to microspheres industrially produced from melts. It’s recovered from coal ashes & cheaper than manufactured ones. The shape of cenospheres is spherical. Their surface is smooth.

The process of burning coal in thermal power plants produces fly ash containing ceramic particles made largely of alumina and silica. They are produced at temperatures of 1,500 to 1,750 °C (2,730 to 3,180 °F) through complicate chemical and physical transformation. Their chemical composition and structure varies considerably depending on the composition of coal that generated them.

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Cenospheres-1Cenospheres applications.

Oil Manufacturing: oil well cements, drilling muds, grinding materials, explosives.

Construction: specialty cements, mortars, grouts, stucco, roofing materials, acoustical panels, coatings, shotcrete, unite.

Ceramics: fire-proof materials, fire bricks, coatings, insulating materials.

Plastics: nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials of different densities.

Automotive: composites, engine parts, sound proofing materials, undercoatings.

Chemical properties:

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What is it Cenospheres?

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