• Ventilated Bags

Big bags ventilated PP

Content 500 to 1500 kg
UV stabilised
Printing 1, 2 or 4 sides possible
Open top, skirt or filling spout and discharge spout
100% polypropylene and therefore easy to recycle
For single use, 5:1
All bags manufactured by LC
Packaging are certified

Big bags ventilated PP less than normal weaving. Fabric has reinforced openings These ventilated big bags are manufactured with 4 sides PP fabric or with two sides net panels. This allows maximum air flow throughout the bag. Our ventilated big bags for firewood packaging are with UV-stable treatment with 150 KLY min.

These big bags are made of polypropylene fabric with ventilation strips, which allows air to get inside. Big bags made of ventilation fabric suit the most for packing, storage and carriage of vegetables. Big bags made of mesh fabric are also available (e.g. for carriage of wood).

Made of polypropylene fabric with ventilation strips for air circulation;
• SWL – 1000kg;
• SF (safety factor) – 5: 1;
• Available: colour logos (advertising print) on 1-4 sides of big bags (up to four colours on each side);
• Available: A4 or A5 package pouches for documents;
• Ideal for storage and carriage of a variety of vegetables and firewood;
• Various configurations of the top and bottoms parts are available (see the figure).


Big bags ventilated PP fabric produced types of big bags: