Artificial graphite

Size : 0-0.2mm, 0.2-1.0mm, 1.0-4.0mm, 1.0-5.0mm, 4.0-10mm,5-10mm 90% min or by buyer's requirement .
Application: It is widely used for recarburizer in steel industry
Packing : in 1mt big bag or by buyer's requirement.

Remarkable properties in highly demanding industrial environments

Based on the properties deriving from the manufacturing methods and productionstages, graphite may be used in various applications, such as:

  • the manufacture of silicon, a critical component in the manufacture of solar panels,
  • the manufacture of LEDs and semiconductors,
  • highly corrosive environments, making it ideally suited for the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries,
  • extremely high-temperature environments (kiln linings, glass-making, etc.),
  • mechanical structures: friction components, seamless joints, lubricating products,
  • electrical applications, notably including motor brushes,
  • rail industry, with collection strips.

Various types of artificial graphite

There are various types of artificial graphite, and their diverse range of properties facilitates their use in a vast array of industrial applications.

  • High-quality isostatic graphite (compressed in an isostatic press) is used for solar energy applications, as well as LEDs and semiconductors, electrical discharge machining, glass industry and chemicals. Mersen is the world’s co-leader of isostatic graphite.
  • Extruded graphite is used as electrodes in furnaces for the production of recycled steel.
  • Specialty extruded graphite is used in kiln equipment, heat exchangers, molds, crucibles, pods, etc.
  • Molded graphite is used to manufacture electrodes for electrical discharge machining, molds for continuous casting or sintering, etc.

Next issue of Focus BariteWorld
In a forthcoming edition of Focus Mersen, we will show how the extremely high degree of purity of Mersen’s isostatic graphite and its technological innovations producing components in record-breaking dimensions can provide solutions to the new challenges facing the solar energy and electronics sectors.

Itmes Specification
Carbon 98.5%min
Sulfur 0.05%max
Ash 0.5%max
Volatile 0.5%max
Moisture 1.0%max


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